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LENO SS304 Grinding peanut sesame chilli colloid mill

Colloid mill cocoa is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, or to reduce the droplet size of a liquid suspended in another liquid Colloid mills work on the rotor-stator

LENO SS304 316 small paste jam Wet grinding Colloid mill

Colloid grinder is used in a wide variety of applications in processing industries In an annular gap between the stator and the rotor, which can be adjusted by changing the axial position of the stator, product particles are exposed to pressure,

electrical lifting high shear mixer

high shear mixer is equipped with electrical lifting device that can mix different size of the tank

LENO SS Pneumatic lifting movable carbomer mixer

movable high shear mixer can be installed by Pnumatic lifting device and inverter together it aslo can be installed into the tank directly without lifting device

LENO SS304 316 Homogenizer emulsifying mixer

The homogenizer mixer disperses the phase or phases effectively, quickly, and evenly and The rotor spins rapidly and produces strong force by tangently accelerating the rotor

LENO LAb small Movable Manual lifting high shear mixer

Stainless steel emulsifier is used throughout many industries, including the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, ink, adhesives, chemicals and coatings industries

Sugar milk powder mixing pump

Powder mixer machine is a proven design that includes a liquid ring pump and a shear blender for fast blending especially Sugar and milk powder

LENO Stainless Steel homogenizer inline Emulsifying Pump

Emulsifying pump is designed for production of stable dispersion systems by atomization and mixing of material by the flow of liquid Emulsifier pumps convert the physical energy of the drive motor to the kinetic energy of liquid

Stainless steel inline high shear emulsifier pump with funnel

Inline high shear pump can be installed with funnel that will creat vacuum to suck the powder into the pump to be mixed and the emulsifying pump also can be installed the control box and inverter

high pressure homogenizer Milk Homogenizer

high pressure Homogenizier is a mechanical treatment of the fat globules in milk brought about by passing milk under high pressure through a tiny orifice, which results in a decrease in the average diameter and an increase in number and surface area