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electrical lifting high shear mixer

high shear mixer is equipped with electrical lifting device that can mix different size of the tank

LENO SS304 316 Homogenizer emulsifying mixer

The homogenizer mixer disperses the phase or phases effectively, quickly, and evenly and The rotor spins rapidly and produces strong force by tangently accelerating the rotor

LENO LAb small Movable Manual lifting high shear mixer

Stainless steel emulsifier is used throughout many industries, including the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, ink, adhesives, chemicals and coatings industries

LENO SS Pneumatic lifting movable carbomer mixer

movable high shear mixer can be installed by Pnumatic lifting device and inverter together it aslo can be installed into the tank directly without lifting device

Leno Gel mixer emulsifying homogenizer high shear mixer

The high shear mixer can be designed with different types of the lifting device and it also can work under vacuum pressure

SS304 316 batch mounted bottom mixer

The mixer is amounted at the bottom of the vessel to leave more space on the top of the vessel to apply different functions

SS304 316 vacuum pressure high shear mixer

high shear mixer can work under vacuum pressure with double flushed mechanical seal

Lab small mini 10-50Liter high shear mixer

Lab small mini 5-50Liter high shear mixer, disperse, refine, homogenize, and emulsify Generally, a mobile lifter