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LENO 10inch 20inch 30inch Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Single cartridge filter housing size from 5inch to 40inch, Design pressure 10bar and material to be SS304 or SS316L

multiple cartridge filter housing

Multiple cartridge filter housing, from 3 round, 5 round , 7 round up to 51 round sanitary design, removable filter seat, Triclamp inlet and outlet

Filter housing Skip with centrifugal pump

Sintary filter skid This filter skid is composed of 1 single cartridge filter housing and a centrifugal pumps with a bag filter housing From Coarse filtration to fine filtration

LENO Stainless Steel Steam air gas Filter housing

Steam air filter housing helps ensure the integrity of your pharmaceutical or biotech application The filter housing can be equipped with sintered filter and PP filter

Stainless Steel multi cartridge steam filter housing

Stainless steel multi cartridge steam filter housing From 3 cartridge up to 51 cartridges Food grade application, Mirror polished Ra

Stainless steel tank vent filter

Tank vent filter housing specially designed for tank vent and breathing stainless steel structure high purity surface to meet the hygiene requirements

Stainless Steel Single Bag Filter housing

Stainless steel bag filter Housings are specially designed for large scale rainwater collection systems using the highest quality components and packaged in a complete and easy to install housing Utilizing easily replaceable, large surface area,

LENO Bag filter housing skid with diaphragm pump

The filter skid is composed of a 2 bag filter vessel and a stainless steel sanitary diaphragm pump Bag filter can be used with the standard 1, 2, 3, 4 size

Bag filter housing with jacket

Bag housing with a jacket for cooling or heating, customized bag filter housing, stainless steel structure

Stainless Steel Wine lenticular Filter Housing

Lenticular filter housing are available to accommodate 8”, 12” & 16” dia Depth lenticular modules in 1, 2, 3, 4 high Housing MOC available in SS304, 316 & 316L This housing comes with standard closure of V Band-clamp & swinging bolt