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Stainless steel tank vent filter

Tank vent filter housing specially designed for tank vent and breathing stainless steel structure high purity surface to meet the hygiene requirements

The regular pumping of liquids into and out of tanks. During filling, incoming liquid volume displaces air volume in the tanks, forcing air out. In order to replace liquid volume, surrounding plant air is drawn into the tanks as they are emptied.

In order to maintain equilibrium pressure in the tank, tank vent filters must not impede forward or reverse airflow. Tank vent filters are sized according to the higher of the pump fill rate or pump drawdown rate with equal airflow.

Tank vent filter housing features

Depending on your application, the housing comes in sizes ranging from 5" to 30". A clean, easy way to provide filtered air to tanks and allow gasses to escape is provided by the design.

The housing can be used with 2-226 o-rings for code 7. There is a particulate bypass. The housing is sealed with a tri-clamp that can be opened and closed without the use of any special tools

It can be directly connected to tanks in a variety of industries (high purity beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, water treatment, alcohol beverage industry, etc.).

A vent filter can be designed with a heating function depending on the material type

Tank vent filters are used for a variety of applications

Storage and transfer tanks with sterile vents

Fermentation process, reactions, API, biologics

Wine, beer, dairy, mineral water, food and beverages

Industry of Process Chemicals and Electronics