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Extracting Tank

Extracting tank is applicable to the project operations of water decocting under normal and compressed pressure, temperature dipping, thermal refluxing, forced circulation, diacolation, extraction of aroma oil and reclamation of organic solvent,etc,

Vacuum Extraction Tank

Vacuum extraction tank applies to technology operations such as normal pressure, pressurized water decoction, warm dip, heat reflux, forced circulation, percolation, aromatic oils and organic solvent recovery and so on for Chinese medicine, plants,

Stainless Steel Extraction Tank

Stainless steel extraction tank could be use in different extraction ways, water extraction, alcohol extraction, oil extraction or other ways The tank is high efficiency, easy operation, etc We could also design according to customers requirement

LENO CBD oil alcohol water Spherical Vacuum evaporator Concentator

Vacuum concentrator is applicable to concentration of traditional Chinese herbal Western medicine, glucose, starch, MSG, dairy and chemical industry etc It is especially suitable for low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances

Continous juice Vacuum Degasser

Milk vacuum degasser is also called degassing pot, mainly used in degassing the fruit juice, milk, in vacuum to prevent the oxidization and turning brown, at the same time, removing the gas attaching to the suspended particulates, stopping the particles