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homemade Moonshine distiller

The equipment we make can be used to make sparkling wine, whisky, gin, brandy, rum, etc

whiskey gin wine vodka brandy distiller

Standard Features: All parts can be customized 1 red copper, stainless steel 304 316 2 Pot still, top, copper head, column,dephlegmator, condenser, parrot outlet, alcohol collecting tank, CIP, connecting pipes 3 Sight glasses, Temp sensor,

2400 Litre Double-Walled Stainless Steel Stripping Still

stripping still consist of the agitator, condenser,dimple jacket with steam heating

Reflux Stills 4″ Borosilicate Flute Column with Whiskey Helmet on 100L Boiler

4″ Borosilicate Flute Column (4 copper plate sections) with Whiskey Helmet on 100L Boiler

Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Whiskey Still

steam jacket whiskey still consist of pot,level meter,CIP ball,agitator,reflux still

Commerical brandy vodka whiskey Hybrid Pot Still

Commerical brandy vodka whiskey Hybrid Pot Still is a combination of a pot still and a column still, which are often connected together with piping and diverter valves