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Stainless Steel multi cartridge steam filter housing

Stainless steel multi cartridge steam filter housing From 3 cartridge up to 51 cartridges Food grade application, Mirror polished Ra

Multi cartridge steam filter housings are designed for high flow rate steam filtration applications, ranging from 3 to 51 cartridges.

For process steam and food-grade steam applications, LENO stainless steel steam filters are specially designed to filter steam (air and gas also suitable), producing a lower pressure difference under high flow conditions.

Regenerating the steam filter element frequently will reduce pressure drop, remove precipitated pollutants, and prevent permanent accumulation of pollutants.

The stainless steel multi-cartridge steam filter housing has multiple filter cartridges. To increase flow capacity under working conditions. Sometimes it is used for steam applications as well as gas applications.                               

Stainless steel is the main material of the filter housing. The material should be stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316L. There are three cartridge housings up to 51 cartridge housings