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LENO SS304 316 Homogenizer emulsifying mixer

The homogenizer mixer disperses the phase or phases effectively, quickly, and evenly and The rotor spins rapidly and produces strong force by tangently accelerating the rotor

A high speed shear emulsifier performs the following functions: mixing, dispersing, refinement, homogenization, and emulsification. A mobile lifter stand or a fixed stand is usually installed with the kettle body and used with an open container. A high shear emulsifier can be found in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, mining, paper making, water treatment, and fine chemicals.
It can handle from 10L to 1000L, and it can lift by hydraulic lifting, and the speed can be altered by inverter devices.
Which shaft length should I choose for my high shear mixer?
We will help you choose the right shaft length and lifting height based on the dimensions of the tank.


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