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high pressure homogenizer Milk Homogenizer

high pressure Homogenizier is a mechanical treatment of the fat globules in milk brought about by passing milk under high pressure through a tiny orifice, which results in a decrease in the average diameter and an increase in number and surface area

It homogenizes and emulsifies liquid materials (liquid-liquid or liquid-solid) with viscosities below 0.2 Pa.s and temperatures below 80°C. Through the reciprocating motion of its three plungers, it sends the processed material to the homogenization valve under high pressure, so the material flows through the small gap between the valve disc and the valve seat and is subjected to turbulence, cavitation, and shear forces at the moment.Thus, the originally rough emulsion or suspension is processed into extremely fine, uniform and stable liquid and liquid mixed emulsion or liquid and solid dispersion. The average emulsification fineness is below 1um, and the average solid dispersion particle size is below 2um. After the material is homogenized, it has extremely high stability, at the same time, it can improve the storage quality, speed up the reaction time, and save additives. The equipment is widely used in food, health care, cosmetics and other fields, and it can improve the absorption quality of the human body.