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SS304 316 Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump for milk honey jam

Rotary lobe pump is used in a variety of industries including, pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology They are popular in these diverse industries because they offer superb sanitary qualities, high efficiency,

Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pumps are positive displacement pumps that consist of vanes mounted on rotors that rotate inside cavities.
Rotary lobe pumps are used in a wide range of industries, including pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. These pumps are popular because of their superior sanitary qualities, high efficiency, reliability, corrosion resistance, and ability to clean and steam in place.
The rotor pump can handle a variety of liquids (including cherries and olives) as well as a variety of solids (such as slurries and pastes). If wetted, they offer self-priming performance. In order to minimize product degradation, gentle pumping is used.
 Moreover, they offer continuous and intermittent reversible flows, as well as the ability to operate dry for a short period of time. In addition, flow is relatively independent of changes in process pressure, so output is fairly constant.