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Chocolate Rotary Pump

Chocolate rotary lobe pump is design with jacket to avoid the liquid to be solid like chocolate or others

Rotor lobe pumps with hot water jackets are designed to deliver chocolate or honey.
The sanitary stainless steel rotor pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, also known as the lobe pump, rotary lobe pump, or three lobe pump. Through the periodic conversion of multiple fixed volume conveying units in the working chamber, fluid is conveyed. It can deliver products with low and high viscosities. 
Advantages of the rotary lobe pump
There is a smooth interior cavity of the pump body and a streamline structure on the rotor.
As a result of the rotor's O-seal and the shaft's axis, the material cannot penetrate the shaft and its gap.
It is made of stainless steel material that meets the standard of sanitary standards, and sealed rubber is used to use sanitary rubber.
Between the pump part and the gearbox part, there is a mechanical seal and oil seal to prevent oil stain from entering the pump chamber, ensuring media hygiene and safe delivery.