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LENO Food grade water Magnetic Filter housing

Magnetic filter housing is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, oils, lubricants and wash solutions

A stainless steel inline magnetic water filter separator consists of a filter body and magnet bars in the center. The device is designed to remove ferrous contamination from liquids with different viscosities. It is possible to pull out the magnet rods from the top when cleaning, which makes it easier to clean.
 This food-grade mirror polished filter housing has no dead corners where bacteria can grow. It can be used to filter food or beverage. For example, water treatment or chemical industries. Designed to withstand higher pressures.
 By removing small contaminants and providing magnetic protection for processing equipment of liquid lines, permanent magnetic filters are ideal magnetic systems for preserving product purity.
Magnet water filters have the following features
AISI316 and AISI304 stainless steel
Surface finish mirror polished Ra<0.4um
Operating pressure and arrive 10 bar or more
Magnet field strength :3000Gs-15000Gs