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UHT Plate Sterilization machine

UHT Plate sterilization machine is composed of plate type heat exchanger, surge tank, beverage pump, hot water device (including gas and water mixer, hot water pump, steam adjust valve etc) and electric control system

UHT Plate sterilization machine is especially sterilizing equipment designed for dairy food, juice, beverage etc liquid material.
The materials via sterilization and cooling to prolong storage period. It can be designed according to different technology request of material heating, sterilizing, heat preservation, cooling.
It is composed of plate type heat exchangersurge tankbeverage pumphot water device (including gas and water mixer, hot water pump, steam adjust valve etc) and electric control system.The capacity is adjusted mainly by the flow control machine in the feeding material system. When apply full flow homogenize method, the flow are controlled by homogenizer. The heat recycle rate can reach up to more than 90%, because the product heating and cooling are done in the heat recycle section of the plate type heat exchanger.The pumps and back flow function can be controlled by the control panel. The sterilizing temperature is maintained by the temperature automatic controller. The temperature is recorded on the recorder.